Basically I don’t have anything in particular I wanted to discuss so I thought I’d post about what I’ve been doing this week (spoiler – nothing that extraordinary). This is more like a diary/ recommendation post but I hope you like 🙂

What I’ve been doing…

We recently got garden furniture so I had some friends round which was very fun. My dressing gown did get ruined but i’m not going to expose Anya anymore;) Also we tried to learn how to skate and it was entertaining and I now have a new found respect for skaters because that shit was hard. Anya and I briefly started skating at the end of last summer but now I really want to begin practising again. I’ve also been driving more with my mum and dad because even though I don’t think i’ll be able to do my test anytime soon, I don’t want to forget how to drive – especially since it took me ages to learn how to park. I have my theory test at the end of the month so practising for that too. 

This week I also bought a new phone and my first Macbook. I went to the apple store with Robita and Poppy and they witnessed firsthand how indecisive I am lol sorry. At the moment I’m trying to teach myself how to edit videos as I’m still hoping to post on Youtube one day…

What I’ve been reading… 

Eleanor lent me her copy of ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’ by Florence Given, which I had been wanting to read for a while. I guess this was the first ever feminist book that I’ve read and I found it pretty interesting. I found some parts of the book were harder to comprehend or fully agree with but maybe this just further proves Given’s point that we are all subconsciously influenced by the sexist society we live in! I liked the overall message of being yourself and not attempting to alter yourself to please other people. Also, this book does make you want to support and encourage people, especially girls, rather than be judgmental and negative – and that is obviously a good message.

What I’ve been listening to..

Honestly, it’s so hard to categorise or summarise what I’ve been listening to in a week as generally I listen to music that matches my mood or setting at the time. This week I have been listening to a lot of Grimes’ music. I really like her songs – some of my favourites are Flesh Without Blood, Venus Fly, Pin and You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around. I can understand how not everyone enjoys her music but I love it! Some other songs and artist I’ve been loving recently are Do Better by Cuco, Time by Free Nationals, Mac Miller and Kali Uchis, Passin’ Me By by The Pharcyde, Sauce by Remi Wolf and In My Room by Frank Ocean. This is a small fraction of what I’ve been listening to but follow or stalk me on spotify if you want to see more:)

What I’ve been watching…

I never thought I’d write this but I’ve been loving this K-drama called Crash Landing on You. I always thought I wouldn’t enjoy K-dramas because I perceived them to be extremely cringey, which Crash Landing On You is, but I still really like it! It’s on Netflix and it’s about a South Korean woman that has a paragliding accident and ends up in the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea.

I’ve also been watching this Russian series called Kukhnya (Kitchen) which, although pretty funny, is quite problematic and would probably never be aired in England. I could try and justify watching it by saying that I just want to practise my Russian, (and there’s not much unproblematic Russian content out there..), but really I do find it entertaining. If you know me, you know I love Youtube (even at my big old age of 19 lol). The youtubers I have been binging this week are Laini Ozark(new discovery), Kelly Stamps (lol) and Diana Milkanova. If you don’t know any of these youtubers then I highly recommend:)

What I’ve been eating….

Ok this sounds like a strange thing to talk about. Obviously I’m not going to list what I eat everyday. I made pancakes for my friends and I when we were hungover this week and then we also had pancakes at Anya’s. I always think of pancakes as the flat big crepes and not the smaller and thicker American pancakes. I definitely prefer crepes. They remind me so much of the pancakes we buy in Russia in pancake cafes called Teremok. As you come out of the airport in St Petersburg, there’s a Teremok kiosk and we sometimes get pancakes as soon as we land! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope you had and have a good week!!

Yelena 🙂

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