Independent brands and artists donating their profits to support the Black Lives Matter movement

Recently, I Googled for information on brands donating their profits to the Black Lives Matter movement and the top result was a Vogue article. The items featured in this article are expensive, and although I encourage those who can afford to buy them to consider doing so (after all the more money raised the better), I thought I’d make my own list of more affordable, independent businesses donating their profits to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

It didn’t take me long to find lots of amazing people who are using their platform and creativity to support such a good cause. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you do know of more examples then please let me know. 

Manvir Dobb (one half of Audacious Aunties)

Not only do Manvir and Asyia (aka Audacious Aunties) host a brilliant podcast series that explores artists and their work, Manvir has now released a limited tote bag collection, with the profit going to access UK. This charity looks at providing support and career services to marginalised and disadvantaged youth groups, in particular those of the BAME community. The tote bags come in a variety of colours and can be ordered through the link in Manvir’s instagram bio. Be sure to check out the Audacious Aunties podcasts too!

Christina (aka Barefacedfemme)

Christina’s instagram and blog Barefacedfemme has been so crucial for myself and countless others in accepting our skin, and now she is using her platform to support the black lives matter movement. She is selling a limited edition collection of t-shirts; with the profits being donated to the Equal Justice Initiative and to project renewal. The t-shirt designs are so nice and her instagram is definitely worth a follow 🙂 

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there is no doubt that this account changed my life for the better. with this beautiful privilege and responsibility, I have a deep desire to try to make social media a safer place; but, our greater society needs our attention now, more than ever. to pay it forward, I am selling this limited edition barefacedfemme logo t-shirt! to honor the Black Lives Matters Movement and the current Corona Virus Pandemic, all profits from these shirts (meaning, I will be donating all money made from the shirts besides the cost of the shirt, so I am not making a profit from this) will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative @eji_org as well as Project Renewal @projectrenewal. for more information on these organizations, please swipe through the photos above to the last slide! t-shirt description: 🌟 • unisex sizes small, medium, & large • there is a limited quantity available but if this goes well I’d be so happy to bring them back! • each t-shirt costs $20 + $10 shipping = $30 total • this will be a first come, first served basis. • all you need to do is DM me and I will get back to you to process your order! • only available in the US to me, the duality of the faces of the logo represents that there is no perfect skin. skin health is not determined by the clarity of your skin. we all deserve to be a little more kinder to ourselves. thank you all so much for your incredible support! I feel so grateful to have a community like all of you. you all have no clue what you mean to me. you help me stay motivated, you put a smile on my face when I’m sad, you even have help me get out of bed. I feel so lucky to be a part of your lives and hopefully shed a positive light. 💓 my talented and stunning friend, @danahicks designed this beautiful logo – thank you dana! thank you ALL so much for your understanding and empathy during this time. although this is a small gesture, I hope we can do some good! • • #tshirtsale #charitysale #payitforward #equaljusticeinitiative #covid19 #acnecommunity #skincommunity #accutanecommunity #limitededition #graphicdesigner #notforprofit #raiseawareness #intothegloss #beauty #nyc #projectrenewal • •

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Yasmin Lili from jamncollab

Jamncollab is an instagram account run by two friends who wanted a platform for creative freedom. Yasmin Lili Dawes(one half of jamncollab), has now designed a t-shirt print to sell and give all profits going to blackmindsmatter. This charity focuses on the mental health and minds of black people, providing resources and therapy where needed. You can buy a t-shirt from Yasmin’s instagram bio.  

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‘NO MORE NAMES’ We cannot see anymore names become a hashtag or a chant at a protest. We see names and we feel pain. We know exactly what happens in this cycle that needs to end. . . My basketball club @cobrockets were making videos in support of black lives matter with players and coaches holding up signs. This was initially just a sign, but as I got drawing. I felt a cathartic release in what I was doing, I was struggling to engage in anything separate or not contributing to the movement. This was therapy for me, painting something so poignant. Researching all the names we don’t know, and remembering those we do. Creativity, which for me is always cathartic. It is so important we are looking after our mental health so we don’t burn out, this is a long fight and we need to sustain our energy so we don’t lose momentum. . . I realised this could be so much more than just a sign after family and friends said they wanted one. I decided to make prints and t shirts which you can now buy with all proceeds going to charity. These will remind you to not lose momentum, keep educating yourself, keep the conversations going, engage with organisations, donate and hold people accountable. Remember actions speak louder than words. . . PRINTS – @showracismtheredcard Who provide educational workshops, training sessions, multimedia packages, and a whole host of other resources, all with the purpose of tackling racism in society. . . TSHIRTS – Who focus on the mental health and minds of black people, providing resources and therapy. . . To order . PRINTS A4 £8.50 incl p&p – DM @yasminlili or @jamncollab. . T-shirt £10.99 excl p&p white and black available – head to the official Certee link in my bio on linktree. ✊🏾🤎🖤

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Felt Fancy

This sustainable jewellery brand, created by the amazing blogger (and one of my best friends!)  Eleanor Claudie, has pledged to donate all of this week’s profits to Black Lives Matter organisations. Eleanor has also confirmed that after this week, one pound from every sale will go to support the same cause indefinitely. Her company is ethical and sustainable and she has just released new designs so I would definitely recommend checking her instagram page:)


At first I was a bit confused by the concept of Crochet4change, however their instagram explains how it works. Essentially, the company makes no money themselves but asks you to donate to a Black Lives Matter charity or sign petitions and write to your MP in exchange for one of their crochet designs. All you need to do is send proof of your activism and money for postage! This is such a selfless and effective way to make a difference.

Leah Witton

Leah Witton is an talented graphic designer and printmaker who is selling a collection of her beautiful designs, in the forms of prints, notebooks and tote bags, to donate all the profit to blackvisionscollective and emmelinespantry. All the items are really stunning and can be bought by contacting Leah via her instagram. 

Chnge clothing 

I’m so glad that research for this post brought me to Chnge clothing! They are an ethical and sustainable clothing brand that have released a Black Lives Matter campaign to raise money for the cause. I love the whole collection and 100% of the profits will be going to Equal Justice Initiative, Color of Change, The Loveland Foundation, and Campaign Zero. You can preorder on their website now:)

Jess Hazell

This artist was recommended to me recently and now I’m completely in love with her art! The story and inspiration for Jess’ work is amazing and she is now selling her new prints to donate all profit from sales to the Black Lives Matter organisation. Moreover, Jess is also donating 50% of the profit from her other prints to the same cause!

Fundraiser Raffle

Eleanorclaudie, the founder of feltfancy and the blogger I mentioned earlier, has also teamed up with fellow bloggers itsallkirakira and soph.coombs to create an extensive and extraordinary fundraiser raffle. There are three prize bundles to be won and each bundle is worth at least £150 of artwork, clothing, books and more, which have been kindly donated by an array of artists. One entry costs £4 and three entries costs £10 – all the money raised will go to the Black Lives Matter network. This is such a great way to raise money for Black Lives Matter!

These are just some of the amazing small businesses and creatives using their platform and talent to support the Black Lives Matter. Be sure to keep researching, donating and signing petitions – and if you want to shop; consider buying from black owned businesses or those also aiding the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Yelena 🙂 


  1. clem June 18, 2020 at 11:59 am

    thanks for sharing! i love this❤️ such a good idea to shoutout independent artists who are using their profits as a force for good! #peopleoverprofit ❤️❤️

    1. admin June 23, 2020 at 8:35 pm

      Thanks Clem<3 xx

  2. Emmanuela June 18, 2020 at 1:34 pm

    This was so fab post I actually didn’t even know half of these independent companies so I am glad to have discovered more people to put my money into. What a well written and informative post and thank you so much for sharing!!

    1. admin June 23, 2020 at 8:37 pm

      Thank you for such a nice comment- I’m really glad you liked the post 🙂 xxx


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